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Research Effect of Cannabis Oil

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University of Groningen

"Two cancer patients started using cannabis oil on their own initiative. We saw the tumour getting smaller and smaller and finally disappearing," Maarten Nijkamp, a surgeon at the UMCG, told EditieNL. The patients' blood values also improved. "Two and five years after the diagnosis, the patients were declared cancer-free. They actually had a life expectancy of less than a year."

The fact that the cancer disappears just like that in a patient does happen sometimes, but it is extremely rare. "The fact that they both used that oil is reason for us to investigate this."

Previous studies have shown that cannabis can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. "But never before has the study been conducted on patients. So now we are going to do that."

Source: RTL News 21-04-2021

Opening HempWell Shop

Hemp Well has opened its first shop in High Petergate, in the city of York, selling mainly HempWell CBD or cannabidiol products.

The product range includes a range of CBD oil tinctures, capsules, gums, chocolates, topical creams for the face and body, and a selection of spa products such as soaps and candles. The shop is run by Philip James together with his wife Lisa.

"We have created a section in the shop where people can get information, try products and learn how our CBD is made and how it works in the body."

Last year Philip grew more than 300 hectares of hemp plants which he sent to Poland to extract the CBD, which is one of the cannabinoids in cannabis plants.

Location: 1B High Petergate, York YO10 5DG, Engeland


Brightfield Releases New CBD Report

The Brightfield Group, a company that analyzes cannabis and CBD consumer data, announces the release of their latest report analyzing the CBD market in 2020 and outlining their predictions for 2021. Some key data from the report includes:

US sales of hemp-derived CBD are expected to reach $5.3 billion in 2021, a 15% increase from the $4.6 billion of 2020
By 2026, US CBD sales will reach $16 billion, driven by the accelerated growth of ingestible products
Beverages and gummies are expected to be the fastest growing product types in 2021, with value growth of 71% and 44% respectively.
Tinctures will hold the largest market share in 2021, with 18% of retail sales

Online sales will exceed USD 2 billion by 2021, accounting for 38% of the total US CBD market
The report also highlights the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the US CBD market, the FDA's position on regulating CBD in 2021, and various other pieces of information about the rapidly growing market. The Brightfield Group forecasts that the hemp-derived CBD market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% from 2021 to 2026, with growth driven by:

New consumers
Uitbreiding van de detailhandel naar nieuwe kanalen
A regulatory framework of the FDA, accelerating the growth rate of ingestibles
New players bringing innovation to the market

Source: Green Market Report

18 – 05 – 2021

Studie John Moores University

Een nieuwe studie van de Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) wijst op het wijdverbreide gebruik van cannabidiol (CBD) onder professionele rugbyspelers, ondanks waarschuwingen dat dit zou kunnen leiden tot een drugsverbod.

CBD is een van de cannabinoïden die voorkomen in de hennepstam van de cannabisplant en het gebruik ervan wordt in verband gebracht met verbeterd herstel, verbeterde slaap en vermindering van spierpijn.

Hoewel CBD niet verboden is door het Wereld Anti-Doping Agentschap (WADA), bevat het vaak sporen van andere cannabinoïden zoals THC, dat verboden en illegaal is in hoeveelheden van meer dan 1 mg per flesje.

Ondanks de officiële voorzichtigheid rond het gebruik ervan, ontdekten sportvoedingsdeskundigen van de LJMU dat 26% van de ondervraagde professionele spelers CBD-olie had geprobeerd en dat 8% het momenteel gebruikte.

Source: University John Moores Liverpool



Beyonce experiences the benefits of CBD Oil


Beyoncé, the R&B queen and multiple award-winning singer, has announced that she is building a cannabis farm to obtain her own CBD.

In an interview with US magazine Harper's Bazaar, Beyoncé spoke of the benefits of CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical constituent of the hemp plant.

"I discovered CBD during my last tour, and I experienced its benefits for pain and inflammation. It also helped me with my restless nights and the restlessness that comes from not being able to fall asleep," the star told us.

In the story, which focuses on her 40th birthday, the singer told how, during the pandemic, she "switched from excessive pleasure to creating positive rituals that draw on previous generations".

En outre, Queen B a fait honneur à son surnom, qui fait référence aux qualités curatives du miel.

"I am now building a hemp and honey farm - I even have beehives on my roof! I am so happy that my daughters are getting examples of those rituals from me," the artist revealed.

Source: Yahoo Finance

12 – 08 – 2021


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