The Basics of CBD Oil


People who have used CBD oil or topical have reported relief from both acute and chronic pain in joints and muscles.

Introduction to CBD

CBD popularity

CBD has increasingly become the talk of the health and wellness industry in recent years. This miraculous substance can provide relief to people suffering from various health problems, including anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain.


Research shows that endocannabinoids (components of the system) are responsible for a range of bodily functions, including appetite, mood, sleep, memory and reproduction.


Continuous research into the wide range of health benefits of CBD has spurred the launch of many CBD-based products. There are well-researched and well-tested product lines such as those offered by


CBD receptors are part of the body's endocannabinoid system. This system is a recent discovery, dating back to the late 1990s. In fact, it is the plant Cannabis Sativa that led to the discovery of this intricate body network, which is responsible for several important bodily functions.


If you are looking for well-tested CBD products for cosmetic reasons, you might consider our face cream or our face mask.

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Wat dokters zeggen over CBD

In deze korte video wordt door dokter Mike Hansen uitgelegd hoe CBD werkt en wat de effecten zijn in het lichaam van CBD. Deze video is helaas wel in de Engelse taal, maar geeft een duidelijk beeld over wat CBD is de geschiedenis van CBD en de heilzame werking van CBD.


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